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Custom, hand made knives for hunters and collectors 

Custom handmade knives and high performance cutlery for hunters, collectors, and chefs

Michael H Mara   (708) 969-2424 

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Here is a collection of interesting and/or informative websites. Please feel free to click on any of these links to open the various sites in new windows. Scroll down to check out all of the links. If you would like to link to my site, it's easy. Simply copy and paste one of my three link logos directly below into your Links page. Thank you for visiting my site. Slan go foill!

Custom Handmade Knives for hunters and chefs       

Custom Handmade Knives for hunters and chefs

Custom handmade knives

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Knife-related and knifemaker links

Other artists and art-related sites

I Forge Iron
Blacksmithing and metalworking forums, from beginner to master

Shimmering Dreams
Unique, one of a kind jewelry creations in Anodized Niobium

Jim Hrisoulas
Author, Bladesmith, and a personal inspiration
Salamander Armory

Alex in Welderland's Custom Pet Urns
~A Special Place for a Special Pet~

Tai Goo, one of the most talented knifemakers out there
Tai Goo Knives

Metcalfe Roush Forge & Design
Fine ornamental ironwork

Ken Wolfe, Custom Knifemaker
Custom Handmade Knives by Ken Wolfe

Warren Townsend, a talented sculptor in Michigan

Handmade, one of a kind knives

Prairie Art Metal
Custom Creations in Metal, Glass, and Wood 

Ethnographic Edged Weapons Resource Site

Bruce Paul Fink
Sculptor, Artist, Fascinating character

Blades and Blacksmithing by Steve Sells
A custom knifemaker with hand forged Damascus

Peter Fels and Phoebe Palmer, unique Artists

Primal Fires, an online forum for knifemakers and enthusiasts
Primal Fires

Rocio Heredia
Metalsmith, Chasing and Repousse

Adam Alante
Recreations of historical African edged weaponry

Music, poetry, and art by Cassandra Fink

Knife Web Guide - Your gateway to knife, sword and cutlery information™

Bill Roberts - Ornamental Metalsmith
Invites you to discover Custom Designed, meticulously hand forged and cast works of elegance. Lovingly crafted with the utmost attention to detail. For discriminating tastes and opulent surroundings
Online store selling antique and replica arms and armor, books, art prints, articles

Heath Satow
Sculpture and Architectural Elements in Metal

The American Bladesmith Society

Metal Artist Forum
A place for sharing metal arts of all kinds

The place to buy and sell knives and knife related items
Knives Auction

California Blacksmith Association

Russ Chastain
Your guide to hunting and shooting

Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America 

ABANA logo

A very comprehensive site, with knifemaker galleries, knife auctions, and loads of information

Knives Town - Shop for knives and multi-tools from manufacturers such as Gerber Knives, Buck Knives, Kershaw Knives, Benchmade Knives and Leatherman Tools.

A Straight Arrow - all about archery, hunting, fishing, camping, and survival

The Buckskinner Resources Site
and Bill's World - Gateway to the Past

Artmetal, a site for metal artisans, information, and community

Knife Making Supplies
Learn about knifemaking blanks, stock removal, Damascus steel, knife blanks, heat treatment, grinders, knife making kits and instructions for knifemaking.

Chris Bridgland, an Australian Artist and friend (RIP)


Todd Barber ~ Artisan in Stone, Leather, and Wood

Links to Scottish and or Irish related sites

The history and tradition of the Sgian Dubh knife
The Sgian Dubh

A beautiful little video of Scotland by Colsie

Information on Scotts traditional dress
The Evolution of the Kilt

Scottish Radiance
An incredible resource for Scottish Culture

Scotland's National Newspaper online
The Scotsman


Michael H Mara   (708) 969-2424    

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